Amateur 3D model of Dock Street DUMBO

This is a completely amateur model of the Dock Street DUMBO project for use within Google Earth. If you want a better model, commission one from a professional. I created this because in all of the discussion about Dock Street I was having a hard time visualizing how it will appear in DUMBO.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I am against the Dock Street DUMBO project.

I do believe that the model presented here is accurate with respect to the general dimensions of the project. The color choices are mine, to make clear the different faces of the building.

Again, if you want a better model or depiction, feel free to create one yourself. I’ll even link to it from here.

Errors, Problems

I could not get the positioning quite right, I'm sure anyone with any experience using Sketchup and Google Earth could probably fix it in seconds. Also the alignment with Water Street is off by a couple of degrees as Water Street is almost but not quite aligned East-West.

Dimensions were provided by a contact at the Fulton Ferry Landing Association.


The Google Earth KMZ file is intended for use within Google Earth. The Sketch Up file can be downloaded and edited within Sketch Up.

Note: the current model is positioned at 40.7032N, 73.9916W. The previous v4 model was positioned at 40.7032N, 73.9914W which appeared to be overlaying the Jacques Torres buildings. Precise positioning is not available in the free versions of either sketchup or Google Earth (if it is, feel free to send me a precisely positioned model).

Ed Costello @epc