Thursday, October 28, 2004

Web Offers Hefty Voice to Critics of Mainstream Journalists
Excerpt: Today, the Times covers blogging twice, first in this article, Web Offers Hefty Voice to Critics of Mainstream Journalists, which highlights the torrent of criticism of political news and journalists emanating from blogs on the left and right: The criticism comes from both sides of the political spectrum and from an array of perspectives - middle-of-the-road independent critics like those at the Columbia Journalism...
On Fridays, Bloggers Sometimes Retract Their Claws
Excerpt: Another NYT article on blogging, this time about the growing plague of cat-blogging. Why, why, I should start dog-blogging, except that Frisket already has her own blog.
Weird trackback thing
Excerpt: I noticed that one entry here had a trackback (there's what, three people who read this site?). I followed the trackback and...the article wasn't spam, but it had absolutely nothing to do with the article I'd posted (a link to something at the philly inquirer), so I deleted it. Might be my next hack: ensure that incoming trackbacks actually link to the article being...

Monday, March 27, 2006

Yet Another blog
Excerpt: I hesitate to mention this because it seems like I just finished consolidating sites, but I am blogging technology over here: 202 Accepted. The title of the site is a bit of an inside joke, lacking creativity I borrows an HTTP status code....

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