Tuesday, January 22, 2008

In honor of the impending end of the Shrub Administration, I blog this message

I apparently have had nothing of interest to write up since leaving Savannah, GA in December. I apologize, the rest of this is likely to be just as dreadfully boring as well.

  • The dogs and I successfully returned from our Miami Beach sojourn on New Year's Eve. Almost nothing of interest occurred on the drive back other than the car gently rolling over 60,000 miles somewhere near the Pentagon on the night of the 30th.
  • We discovered a neat magazine⁄journal while in Melbourne last year called dumbo feather, pass it on. I found our copy tonight and went to look up the web site to subscribe and …it’s expired (well, the domain has).
  • I am planning on attending etech 2008 in San Diego the first week of March followed immediately by three, perhaps four days at SXSW interactive in Austin (March 7th-10th).
  • Barack Obama has made my vote in the primary pretty easy by his admiration of the Reagan years. I don't have such a fond memory of the Reagan era.
  • I added an ActBlue bug to a bunch of my personal pages, this will link to candidates I'm supporting in primaries and general elections this year.
  • I have yet to see any movies in 2008. I kind of wanted to see I Am Legend but I understand that the monster(s) in Cloverfield destroyed what remained of NYC after the plague of I Am Legend. My Dear Hollywood: Please pick another town or city to destroy. How about Downers Grove, IL or Poughkeepsie, NY?
  • The economy is tanking. I think this will be a nasty, brutal recession since billions of dollars have just evaporated as people lived on the margins of the assumed increase in property values. The dot com implosion in 2000-2001 was nothing compared to what is happening or will happen as the economy restructures to account for the disappearance of the artificial wealth many people thought they had and quickly spent.
  • The dogs are fine. We had a minor crisis last week when we thought Sailor had swallowed a part of a toy. $300 in x–rays later I discovered the missing part buried deep under a chair.
  • The renovations to our apartment are almost complete. I am hoping to actually have use of a closet and dresser in my bedroom again later this week.
  • I thought last night’s football game between the Giants and Packers was a good "real" football game (as Todd alludes to here). All that was missing were the Chicago Bears and about six inches of snow.

Just listening to the BBC World News America show and it occurred to me, coming at the end of the GHW Bush administration we had troops in Iraq, the financial industry was trying to get U.S. taxpayers to bailout the collapsed Savings and Loan industry, and the economy slid into recession. Eighteen years later and we have another shrub, we're back in Iraq, and the financial industry is looking to tap U.S. taxpayers again to get bailed out. And we want to continue this administrations policies why?

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