Monday, January 1, 2007

Sunday Afternoon in the Park with Sailor

We spent the afternoon in Worcester, MA with Lisa McCabe of Grenadier Golden Retrievers, to get some time watching Frisket play with her sister Sailor. Barring any surprises, Sailor will be joining Frisket's pack in Brooklyn by the end of January. Here's some photos from the afternoon's romping around:

Frisket, Ears-a-flyin
Frisket, Ears-a-flyin
Frisket and Sailor
Frisket and Sailor
Frisket and Sailor
Frisket and Sailor
Frisket & Sailor
Frisket & Sailor
No More Treats
No More Treats
Frisket after a long day
Frisket after a long day

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Friday, January 5, 2007

Poor 2007, Already broken and in the gutter

Someone's 2007 glasses didn't survive the week

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Saturday, January 6, 2007

At 1803Z it's 21-21 NYC-SYD

There's just something wrong with it being the same temperature in Sydney and New York on January 6th (I know, it's early morning in Sydney and it will get warmer):


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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Computer Training Frisket

computer training Frisket, originally uploaded by epc.

Frisket carrying Computer Training Magazine, now published by friends at NetCom Information Technology.

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Friday, January 12, 2007

Verbs and Nouns for your Friday Morning

I'm returning to Boston today to pick up Sailor (that's pick up Sailor, not pick up a Sailor). We've bought a bunch of toys and figure we'll go on a shopping spree over the next couple of days as we figure out what she does and does not like. We have already been warned that she enjoys shredding toys. Frisket has stealthily hid her most precious toys under the bed.

I found this headline alarming: Officials flap as birds fall from sky, moreso because of this headline Austin shuts downtown after dead birds discovered. Canaries?

I have nothing to contribute to the web-wide outpouring of words over the Apple iPhone. It looks cool, if it weren't $600 and on Cingular AT&T Wireless, I might consider it, however I just adapted to a Nokia E70 over the past couple of months and generally like to run my phones into the ground. So, the next opportunity to switch to the iPhone will be some time in 2009. Should it last that long. Perhaps by then Apple will have come to their senses and opened up the development platform. Odd to tout its OS X operating system in one sentence, and then pronounce that users cannot install their own applications in the next.

The year has gotten off to a slow start. I spent several days over the weekend working up a redesign for this site which I plan to launch this weekend. Given my utter inability to do design well, I'm utilizing the Yahoo! User Interface stylesheets as a base and sticking to a couple of colors. I'm sure it will still look like a three year old's attempt at web design. As part of that work I moved the daily bookmarks posting from to distractions. My thinking is that I'm going to try to make that a rolling aggregation of bookmarks, listening list, etc. It's slow going, I'd rather walk the dog(s).

As an interim thing: one activity I'd like to do, one area I'd like to make better use of technology, is the whole social-whatever space. Eventually there'll be a badge here somewhere listing these, but in the meantime I'm using the following services and would like to network or link or whatever the appropriate buzzverb is with anyone reading this site who also uses the services (and if you don't, consider signing up). Don't know if they add value or not but won't be able to learn until I'm linking to more profiles than my dogs.

epc's social networking links

I ceased using Friendster as part of a mass-unsubscribe when they fired a blogger. I don't have a facebook nor myspace profile and don't plan to. I can't think of anything else to add that I actively use at the moment.

I stopped writing about politics years ago because it upset my mother, and I don't have that pithy, quotable style that makes for a marked contribution to political discourse in this country, and I didn't want to be on the receiving line of the right-wing whackjobs whose eliminationist rhetoric and cheap threats against those who disagree with them (and the administration) serve mostly to shut down moderate discussion, leaving only extremism on either end of the political spectrum standing.

But, I have to say this: I am both just old enough to remember Viet Nam and just young enough to not remember much. Certainly much of what I think I remember is influenced by what I read, heard, and watched later after the war. However I do remember a classmate crying because someone close to them had been KIA. I do remember the refugee girl from Cambodia who spoke no English and had the look of terror in her eyes. I remember the effects of the war on those around me, even though we were all of six, seven, eight years old.

So I have to say this: the prosecution of this war has just been criminal, treasonous even. The corruption, the disdain the administration has demonstrated for common-sense approaches to rebuilding Iraq after the invasion, the contempt the administration shows today for members of Congress, for the ISG, the people of the US is treasonous. It is damaging the safety and security of the country, and this latest escalation (sorry, according to Condoleeza Rice it is an augmentation), if deployed and managed the same way we've been managing the war to date will just make things worse, and result in more US KIA.

We've already wrecked Iraq as a country, and we seem to be doing little to genuinely rebuild it other than to convert our payments to the IRS into dividends for shareholders in Halliburton.

The President represents 1/3rd of the government, not the entire government. The people have the right and ability to constrain the actions of the President through Congress. I do not know what other to suggest right now than to bend the ear, twist the arm, express concern to your local representative and Senator to shut this down, work with the UN to rebuild Iraq, and bring our troops home.

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Monday, January 15, 2007

The One Where Frisket Notices the Camera is not Focused on Her

Sailor Assesses the Office
Sailor Assesses the Office

…and then…


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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Brooklyn Bridge in Fog/Mist

Brooklyn Bridge in Fog/Mist, originally uploaded by epc.

Walked Sailor down to DUMBO yesterday afternoon and took a series of photos on the e70. There was very low, thick fog covering much of Lower Manhattan.

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Sleeping sisters

Sleeping sisters, originally uploaded by epc.

More photos here.

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Friday, January 19, 2007

Snow dogs

Snow dogs, originally uploaded by epc.

The dogs got to romp in the snow this morning.

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Video of Frisket, Varla and Sailor playing around

Frisket, Sailor and I drove down to Philly Friday night to spend the weekend with my friends Eric and Michael. Lisa is expected any moment now on an Amtrak train. Ostensibly we were coming down for the weekend to visit friends of Lisa's but it was all a grand conspiracy to throw a 40th party for Eric at XIX.

A couple months ago, Eric and Michael adopted Varla, a Norwich(?) or Norwalk Terrier (Terror). Here's a video of the the three of them playing around:

Frisket and Varla

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Walking the dogs

Took the dogs on what I thought was maybe a three km walk yesterday, however punching it into the always excellent Google Maps Pedometer site I discovered it was closer to 5½ km:

Map of downtown Philadelphia, PA walk

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Oops, Internet Explorer is still brain dead

The previous two entries here use the object tag which was added to HTML about ten years ago. Microsoft continues to fly off in another direction and as a result, even MSIE 7.0 does not display the PNG graphics used to display the walking route Frisket, Sailor and I took, nor the video clip of Frisket playing with Varla and Sailor sort of hovering around. I've added direct links to both above.

I strongly suggest using Firefox instead of Microsoft Internet Explorer.

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Dogs dogs dogs

This is a small sampling of photos from our weekend in Philadelphia with my friends Eric and Michael. Michael and I conspired to throw a party for Eric's 40th birthday this month. Frisket and Sailor played pretty well with Varla, Eric and Michael's 4 month old Norwalk Terrier (or is it Norwhich Terrier?), there were some minor conflicts over treats and the hedgehog. Varla tended to treat Frisket as a jungle-jim and Frisket was mostly non-plussed.

All of the photos are in a flickr photo set here: Varla in Philly.

Varlablur Varla and Frisket Sailor Varla and Frisket Varla and Frisket Varla Frisket with Hedgehog Varla, Frisket and the Hedgehog Frisket and Varla Frisket and Varla Frisket and Varla Frisket and Varla Frisket and Varla

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

More dog photos

I have nothing interesting to write, not even fun captions for these, here's some pix of the dogs at the dog run this morning and relaxing on the couch in our front bedroom this afternoon.

I think they are getting along. Or they are plotting my overthrow.


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Friday, January 26, 2007

I am Legend lights the bridge

I am Legend lights the bridge, originally uploaded by epc.

The bridge is lit up for the filming of I am Legend (see this NYT article). Wicked scene of a helicopter flying under the bridge deck but I couldn't capture it with the cell phone's camera.

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Pretty Dang Cold: -11C

'nuff said then.

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