Kudos to IBM's w3.ibm.com team (aka Intranet team) on being named one of the ten best by Jakob Nielsen's consultancy: IBM's Intranet One of the World's Top Ten.  See, I don't always criticize IBM. [Via Keith Instone]

w3.ibm.com started out as a mirror of www.ibm.com on an ancient RS/6000 320 box.  It sat under my desk in Armonk, with the unfortunate consequence that just the right placement of toes could power it off.  The mirror ran from some time in February 1995 until June 4th, 1995.  I know the end date because I was told to shut it down for the announcement the following day: IBM's (hostile) takeover of Lotus Development Corporation.

The internal mirror never restarted after that...it was too much a pain to copy files back and forth (we didn't have ssh, scp, or rsync at that point).  Later in 1995 w3.ibm.com was resurrected as part of the "Gemini" project, then renamed "Apollo" as we sort of wandered through what it meant to have a separate internal corporate homepage.  It continued to stumble along through 1996 until being re-re-relaunched by a separate dedicated intranet team, members of which are still involved with the IBM intranet's day to day activities.

For the record, I believe it was Michael Niksch who coined the w3 term.

Anyway congratulations w3-ers, though I still wonder if search has ever improved since the days of Guru.

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