Monday, July 21, 2003

Blog vacation

The blog / journal / whatever continues to take an extended break. I’ve been mucking around with Moveable Type and after doing some mucking am now thinking I should just write my own tool. Nothing specifically wrong with Moveable Type and I haven’t made my mind up yet. I had initially wanted to use the one MT installation to run multiple independent blogs but to do so seems overly complex.

Part of my problem has nothing to do with Moveable Type, and everything to do with the ISP I chose to move this and a bunch of my other sites to. I'm finding Pair to be much less flexible than I expected (I want my sites to be set up in a certain way, and I can set them up that way as long as it's the way Pair wants it to be. That is, not my way.)

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Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Lightning strikes

Well, we are having some excitement here this afternoon. Lightning struck the building across the street from us, showering the street with bricks and other building debris. We got some debris on the deck, but no damage to the house that I can see. FDNY has closed off the street for the past couple of hours because there’s some bricks and building pieces hanging loose. Said pieces are around 20 floors up (it’s the St George Tower, in Brooklyn).

e.p.c. posted this at 15:21 GMT on 22-Jul-2003 .

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