Sunday, June 1, 2003

Denial of Service via Algorithmic

Denial of Service via Algorithmic Complexity Attacks:
[...]a new class of low-bandwidth denial of service attacks that exploit algorithmic deficiencies in many common applications' data structures. Frequently used data structures have “average-case” expected running time that’s far more efficient than the worst case. For example, both binary trees and hash tables can degenerate to linked lists with carefully chosen input. We show how an attacker can effectively compute such input, and we demonstrate attacks against the hash table implementations in two versions of Perl, the Squid web proxy, and the Bro intrusion detection system. [...] We show how modern universal hashing techniques can yield performance comparable to commonplace hash functions while being provably secure against these attacks.

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We went to the NY

We went to the NY Liberty home opener against the Washington Mystics. The Liberty won 70-57. Dinner was Korean at Kang-Suh.

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Argh. "Radio Userland" is acting

Argh. "Radio Userland" is acting up again. Still looking at "Moveable Type".

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Playing around tonight with Blogshares.

Playing around tonight with Blogshares. Wonder how long before someone sets up a derivatives market based on the weblog share market.

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Alex has a new essay

Alex has a new essay up at Boxes and Arrows: The Sociobiology of Information Architecture. I’m not sure why, but it tickled my I-need-to-reread Orality and Literacy nerve again.

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Monday, June 2, 2003

Apologies for the CSS (style

Apologies for the CSS (style sheet) shenanigans. Just proving yet again that I have no visual design skills whatsoever.

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I find the FCC decision

I find the FCC decision disappointing, it doesn’t improve competition, it eliminates it.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2003

I upgraded our ADSL connection

I upgraded our ADSL connection to the alleged speed of 7100/768. We seem to be getting the 768 up (from 384kbps) but only around 6500kbps down (might be due to line noise). Anyway, I was surfing with MSIE6 and thinking "Gee, this isn’t all that fast" in fact, it was poking along like no upgrade had occurred. I switched to Opera7 and was floored at how much faster it was. IE used to be quite fast, and I knew Opera had done improvements, but upgrading the line has really showcased the differences between the two. Maybe it’s time to dump MSIE?

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The terrorists are getting sneaky:

The terrorists are getting sneaky: Raging bull attacks ParliamentA raging bull facing slaughter outside Yemen’s parliament over a land feud has stormed the opening session of the newly elected legislature and injured three people.

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Right war, wrong reason: Because

Right war, wrong reason: Because We Could.

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Saturday, June 7, 2003

I had a real Doh!

I had a real Doh! moment tonight. Lisa and I met up at Zen Palate for dinner and then headed over to the Union Square Barnes & Noble store. As I made my way through I discovered they've expanded their foreign language book selection to include books by authors in their native languages, specifically Spanish. The last time through they mainly had translations of American English authors into Spanish. However, tonight I picked up the latest book by Carlos Fuentes (which I think was La Silla Del Aguila but I’ve already forgotten). I walked around the store a bit more and must have stopped in the foreign language dictionary section before going to the computer books section. I then realized I was 15 minutes late to meet Lisa at the checkout (how many readers are surprised at that? Right). I headed downstairs to meet her. Just as I hit the bottom escalator, I took a look at the book to see how much it cost. I was a bit surprised to see that Teach Yourself Ancient Greek was US$16.95. I mean, it was a reasonable price I suppose, but it wasn’t the book I thought I’d been carrying throughout the store.

I returned home with neither the book I wanted nor the book I ended up carting throughout the store. Doh!

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Monday, June 9, 2003

Prepare to pay more for

Prepare to pay more for your broadband: Netizens, prepare to pay more: If you own a cable modem, expect a substantial increase in your monthly rates if a proposal currently before the Federal Communications Commission goes forward. [...] The FCC is considering levying an additional tax of up to 9.1 percent on the revenue of cable modem providers. In theory, a cable provider is not required to pass the tax increase along to customers, but in practice, companies tend to do just that.

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Sunday, June 22, 2003

A brief news update: I'm on jury duty, starting on a trial this week. Frisket held her housewarming party yesterday (Saturday) and met many people who came by to say hi. It's raining. Again.

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Apologies. This migration thing is taking far longer than I thought it would. And, since I didn't pay Radio Userland another US$40, I can't update, or remove the old site. I can copy the site I had from backups here, so I've done that. I've discovered a number of bugs in Radio Userland as I do this, for example if you maintain a separate weblog using the category feature, that homepage will be the last homepage written to your backup directory. The net effect being Frisket's homepage appearing here briefly.

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Bible translated to strine

The BBC reports that the Bible has finally been translated to strine:

Newsflash: There were drovers camped out in the paddock nearby keeping a eye on their mob of sheep that night. Their eyes shot out on stalks when an Angel of the Lord zapped into view and the glory of the Lord filled the air like 1,000 volts. The angel said: "Stop looking like a bunch of stunned mullets. Let me give you the drum"

Luke Chapter 2, Verses 8-21 from the Australian version of the Bible

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Monday, June 23, 2003

The power of PowerPoint

For AGW: Tufte’s The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint presented in the form of a PowerPoint outline.

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