Tuesday, August 6, 2002

FALLOUT - a follow up to The Internet Debacle

Janis Ian: FALLOUT - a follow up to The Internet Debacle writes: Do I still believe downloading is not harming the music industry? Yes, absolutely. Do I think consumers, once the industry starts making product they want to buy, will still buy even though they can download? Yes. Water is free, but a lot of us drink bottled water because it tastes better. You can get coffee at the office, but you're likely to go to Starbucks or the local espresso place, because it tastes better. When record companies start making CD's that offer consumers a reason to buy them, as illustrated by Kevin's email at the end of this article, we will buy them. The songs may be free on line, but the CD's will taste better.

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Last Friday, after many calls, we finally got our DirecTv restored (we had it at the old house, it simply took five months to get installed at the new house). By Saturday night the signal was quite flaky. Today, there's no signal. This would likely be because the dish is mounted so poorly that a simple prolonged breeze from the North has caused it to point directly at the building South of us, instead of at the satellite. Argh.

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Full horror of WTC attack on FBI tape

I found Full horror of WTC attack on FBI tape in tomorrow's Sydney Morning Herald. Apparently an FBI informant with a wire was sitting in the plaza level restaurant (opposite tower 2) when the first plane hit.

Turns out this is a rewrite of a Daily News story from today. I would have known this had I caught In the Papers this morning but we missed

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Saturday, August 10, 2002

Closing out the week after

Closing out the week after a busy couple of days. Last night we hosted a party for friends of Cori & Josh who came into town for their wedding which was today at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Just to complete the week, I finally emptied out my storage locker into the front bedroom (weird seeing what I thought was important to store in May 2000). I also managed to hose the little Freebsd unix box I've been playing with here at home (no major loss, just rebuild from CD).

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Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Spent the weekend in Amagansett...unfortunately,

Spent the weekend in Amagansett...unfortunately, my Sony digital camera was a casualty of the beach trip, apparently some sand got in the lens cover and...well, it doesn't cover any more.

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I caught the NY Liberty

I caught the NY Liberty vs Indiana Fever game tonight...NY came from behind to win the game by 15 points. Unfortunately, the next round of the playoffs is this weekend and we're planning to be out of town.

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Thursday, August 22, 2002

TiVo revenue jumps

I think everybody should own a Tivo. At least one. Maybe two. TiVo revenue jumps. The maker of digital video recorders reports a net loss and says an accounting error will force an earnings restatement for last year. [CNET News.com]

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Sunday, August 25, 2002

The sun finally came out

The sun finally came out this morning...it's been grey here since we arrived Thursday.

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So we're out in Eastern

So we're out in Eastern LI for the weekend. It's been mostly grey (though Frisket and Coco don't seem to mind much). I've actually managed to swim a few laps in the pool and got Coco to step into the pool. Frisket is still averse to water (though I got her to get close enough to the water on the beach to get soaked by a rogue wave).

Yesterday we went to the Pollock-Krasner house, where Jackson Pollock did most of his "splatter" paintings. The tour of the studio is worth it...not sure about the house (I think they throw in the house tour because the studio tour seems so short).

I've been doing some light reading (my ACM Communications subscription magically restarted, only 18 months after I asked them to restore it) and plotting out some software I'd like to write.

Still no news on the job front...

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Monday, August 26, 2002

The drive back last night

The drive back last night took just under three hours. I made a mistake entering the city and went north on the cross-island instead of south, and thereupon added another 30-40 minutes to the drive (since we also crossed the magical 11:00 hour when construction on all NYC area roads appears to start).

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Cool...the NY Liberty made the

Cool...the NY Liberty made the WNBA finals again. Our first (and last) finals game is Thursday the 29th.

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Congratulations to Mike on getting

Congratulations to Mike on getting some press coverage for his work.

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Construction starts today! Allegedly.

Construction starts today! Allegedly.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Off to Poughkeepsie, that city

Off to Poughkeepsie, that city of sin (can anyone name the obscure reference?).

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Got back from Pokie around

Got back from Pokie around 5:30. The only catch with having my bank up there is that there's occasionally transactions which must be done in person as in today's case. Had a great lunch with Pete Fiorese (who is guilty of not maintaining a site I can link to) and drove back via the 684-Hutch-Whitestone-GCP-Interboro Parkway combo. Soundtrack for the drive back consisted of Rufus's latest, a Police "best of" CD, and Decade.

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Argh. Our wireless setup at

Argh. Our wireless setup at home is all messed up, the signal modulates so much you'd think the transmitters were moving around the house or something. There's better signal sitting on the stoop in front of the house than anywhere else in the house (other than right on the transmitter).

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Ok, ok, maybe "modulate" isn't

Ok, ok, maybe "modulate" isn't the right word.

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Thursday, August 29, 2002

Construction Day III

So far the TV cabinet and bookshelves by the fireplace are installed as well as the shelves for Lisa's desk area (they look somewhat odd just hanging there with no desk underneath).

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Caught the first game of

Caught the first game of the WNBA finals, NY Liberty vs. the LA Sparks. The Liberty played well in the first half but didn't really show up for the second half. They made an effort to catch up in the final minutes but lost. The remaining game(s) are in LA, so LA will have the home court advantage through the rest of the series.

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Saturday, August 31, 2002

The plan was to close

The plan was to close out the year with the Run to Liberty 10k, however I woke up this morning with a nasty pain in my leg (more than likely due to our trip to the dog run yesterday) and figured sleeping in was best.

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