Monday, March 19, 2001

DSL Switching

Ok, I've been on sabbatical since mid-January. In theory I have a number of interesting trasvel stories to tell. But first, a DSL switching story.

My girlfriend had Flashcom as her DSL ISP. Flashcom went under. Covad, the "provider" sent out letters warning people to switch providers by last Friday or lose service. We switched to Speakeasy since the rates seemed good and generally heard positive stories about them.

It's now three business days since the switch and we have no DSL service. Now, it could easily be my fault since configuring the router is not exactly neurosurgery, but it is rocket science. That said, I have tried every variation on the configuration and the information we'd received from Speakeasy to no avail.

Furthermore, the line now appears dead.

Q: Why not call the Speakeasy support line?

A: Tried that, and one gets "All Circuits are Busy now, please try again later. 0718T" (heck, I even tried using a credit card dialaround and got a similar message).

Will try to keep this updated with more news ;-).

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I am trying to configure a Flowpoint 2210 SDSL router to switch from flashcom to speakeasy. The switch instructions did not map to the Flashcom/Covad installation on the router. I have been given a "router" address of [x.y.z.a], is this the address I should configure my router to advertsie itself as (source IP address), or is this the address of the Speakeasy router (and do I then need to code a static route to this address, or do you broadcast routed packets)? I have been given four static addresses, do you require that my router be configured as one of these or can I use all four for NAT? Do you have *any* information you can point me to on your site about this, since your 800 number is now just ringing "All circuits are busy"?

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e.p.c. posted this at 11:44 GMT on 19-Mar-2001 .

Friday, March 30, 2001

DSL Switched...California dreaming

Ok...after learning the ins and outs of configuring a Flowpoint 2210 router, it turns out the only configuration which would work was to let the router bridge our home lan to the ISP and cease acting as a firewall. None too happy about this, I'm looking into alternatives.

For the weekend though, my girlfriend and I are spending a three day holiday in San Francisco, seeing some friends and relaxing for a bit.

e.p.c. posted this at 10:44 GMT on 30-Mar-2001 .

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